Thank you to all of our speakers and poster presenters! The schedule is now posted. See the bottom of this page to download the abstract book and full program. If you are presenting a poster you can find your poster number there.

Schedule of Events

Times in this program are in CDT (Chicago time).

7:00 -8:15 AM Registration (pick up name tags outside of Quinlan Life Sciences Room 142)

coffee/tea/light breakfast is available

8:15 Welcome (Quinlan Auditorium-room 142 Quinlan Life Sciences Building)

Program chair: Pat O'Brien, University of Michigan

8:20-10:00 Session 1 (Quinlan Auditorium)

Session Chair: Pat O’Brien, University of Michigan

8:20 Joerg Zimmermann, Loyola University

Framework mutations may improve the catalytic efficiency of catalytic antibodies

8:50 Choon Kim, University of Notre Dame

Spore germination in Clostridioides difficile

9:20 Anushree Mondal, University of Michigan

A remarkable suicide enzyme in thiamin pyrimidine biosynthesis in yeast

9:40 Hong (Ella) Nguyen, Illinois Institute of Technology

Symmetry-breaking mechanisms of the SARS-CoV-2 main protease

10:00 Coffee break (outside of Quinlan Room 142)

10:30-12:10 Session 2 (Quinlan Auditorium)

Session Chair: Rebecca Switzer, Bucknell University

10:30 Cara Loomis, University of Michigan

Redox partner adrenodoxin allosterically alters the function of the human steroidogenic cytochrome P450 11B enzymes

10:50 Madison Smith, Loyola University

The riboflavin biosynthetic pathway: probing the catalytic mechanisms of E. coli GTP cyclohydrolase II (RibA) and deaminase/reductase RibD

11:10 Yue Yu, University of Illinois

Biosynthesis of 3-thiahomoleucine on a carrier protein

11:30 Tony Meza, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mechanism and activity of an L-threonine transaldolase enables implementation in a C–C bond forming biocatalytic cascade with styrene oxide isomerase

11:50 Amanda Laseke, Marquette University

Characterizing the molecular basis of the allosteric activation of pyruvate carboxylase by acetyl CoA

12:10-1:30 PM Lunch on your own

1:30-2:30 Poster Session #1 (Mundelein Auditorium)

Odd numbered posters judged

2:30-2:40 Transit time to return to Quinlan Auditorium

2:40-4:00 Session 3 (Quinlan Auditorium)

Session Chair: Erin Taylor, Carroll University

2:40 Jade Katinas, Indiana University

Targeting cancer by inhibition of folate-utilizing enzymes in one-carbon metabolism

3:00 Luckio Owuocha, University of Missouri

Biochemical and structural characterization of serine hydroxymethyltransferase 5 from soybean

3:20 Nirupama Korada, University of Michigan

Exploring the role of cholesterol on the catalytic activity of human aromatase (CYP19A1)

3:40 Katarzyna (Kasia) Radziwon, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Peptide library approach to investigate phosphothreonine lyases’ specificity

4:00-4:10 Transit time to return to Mundelein Auditorium

4:10-5:10 Poster session #2 (Mundelein Auditorium)

Even numbered posters judged

5:10-6:10 Poster session #3 (Mundelein Auditorium)

Continued discussion of all posters – Light refreshments will be served

6:10 Announcement of poster awards

MECC 2022 concludes

Download Program as a PDF here.