The schedule is assembled from abstracts submitted by people like you. A full schedule will appear here shortly before the conference. The tentative start and end times are 7:30AM to 6:20 PM. A full program with abstracts will be available as a pdf before the meeting begins.

This draft schedule gives locations and approximate session times:

7:00 - 8:15 Registration (pick up name tags outside of Quinlan Life Sciences Room 142)

coffee/tea/light breakfast is available

8:15 Welcome (Quinlan Auditorium-room 142 Quinlan Life Sciences Building)

Program chair: Pat O'Brien, University of Michigan

8:20-10:00 Session 1 (Quinlan Auditorium)

Session Chair: Pat O'Brien, University of Michigan

8:20 faculty talk

8:50 faculty talk

9:20 student/postdoc talk

9:40 student/postdoc talk

10:00 Coffee break (outside of Quinlan Room 142)

10:30 - 12:05 Session 2 (Quinlan Auditorium)

Session Chair: Rebecca Switzer, Bucknell University

10:30 student/postdoc talk

10:50 student/postdoc talk

11:10 student/postdoc talk

11:30 student/postdoc talk

11:40 student/postdoc talk

12:10- 1:30 Lunch on your own.

1:30-2:30 Poster Session #1 (Mundelein Auditorium)

Odd numbered posters judged

2:30 Transit time to return to Quinlan

2:40-4:00 Session 3 (Quinlan Auditorium)

Session Chair: Erin Taylor, Carroll University

2:40 student/postdoc talk

3:00 student/postdoc talk

3:20 student/postdoc talk

3:40 student/postdoc talk

4:00 Transit time to return to Mundelein

4:10-5:10 Poster session #2 (Mundelein Auditorium)

Even numbered posters judged

5:10 - 6:10 Poster session #3 (Mundelein Auditorium)

Continued discussion of all posters

Light refreshments will be served

6:10 Poster Awards Announced

MECC 2022 Concludes